ACEDS E-Discovery Day sessions to highlight education, technology advances

MIAMI — The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), a BARBRI professional association, will play a key sponsorship and presentation role at the 2nd annual E-Discovery Day, Dec. 1, 2016.

ACEDS and other marquee organizations will deliver a full day of informative webcasts, in-person networking events and more to thousands of legal and IT professionals eager to enhance their skills and knowledge in the eDiscovery field.

ACEDS Executive Director, Mary Mack, who was recently honored with the inaugural Excellence in Education Award at the 10th annual Masters Conference, joins a panel of fellow eDiscovery experts on E-Discovery Training for 2017, a webinar panel that takes an objective view of eDiscovery college and university courses, certification and self-study approaches, and breaks them down for participants. The panel is designed to highlight how each approach has its strengths depending on individual circumstances and more importantly, stresses the value of training in eDiscovery — one of the few growing sectors of the legal market. Participants in this webinar will have access to special pricing on ACEDS’ foundational course E-Discovery Essentials, a highly-respected primer on the field of eDiscovery.

Mack also plays a key role in 10 Years Forward and Back — Automation in eDiscovery, a webinar session that highlights the progress of eDiscovery technologies during the last decade and looks forward to the next ten years in data discovery.

“The professionals within the eDiscovery community are characterized by their commitment to education, best practices and continual improvement, and their passion for their field,” said Mack. “This is evident in all the activities on and around E-Discovery Day. We’re excited and honored to be a part of it, and I personally look forward to learning and sharing with some of the brightest minds in our profession.”


The ACEDS Professional Association, part of leading legal education provider BARBRI, is a membership association committed to promoting and verifying eDiscovery skills and competence through training, education, and certification to organizations and individuals. The association’s goal is to help professionals and organizations reduce the costs and risks associated with eDiscovery, and realize the advantages of performing it effectively. ACEDS awards the Certified eDiscovery Specialist (CEDS) credential, which is held by practitioners at Am Law 200 firms, government agencies, including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and U.S. Justice Department, and some of the largest corporations in the world.

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