ACFCS 2017 Financial Crimes Conference adds compliance experts/topics to agenda

Miami — ACFCS 2017 has announced the addition of a number of leading-edge compliance topics to the conference program.

“Our delegates are always interested in what’s up and coming in the compliance sector. Compliance is an integral part of financial crime prevention, and a gatekeeper for many of our partners and members,” noted ACFCS Executive Director Garry Clement, CAMS, CFE, CFCS.

Compliance topics include the following:

Beneficial Ownership

It’s human nature to want to understand exactly who we are doing business with, regardless of external rules and requirements. This is amplified in that we live in an increasingly dangerous world that has required government rules and requirements to evolve and adjust. Critical to staying ahead of due diligence, true beneficial ownership of an entity needs to be at the forefront of every risk-based entity vetting and account opening/contract initiation process. This goes far beyond Internet searches. There are key questions to be asked; such as “Who really owns this entity?” “What are they doing?” “How are they doing it?” and “Does it all make sense?”

This insightful panel will discuss banking, intelligence and business insights, and expand the discussion into actually finding the bad apples. Speakers Daniel Stipano, Bill Nosal and John Walsh are senior subject matter experts in this space.

Transaction Monitoring

This panel discussion of industry thought leaders will explore the opportunities and challenges of “Interaction Monitoring.” Panelists will provide a fascinating description of “non-transactional” interactions that can be incorporated into a best-in-class monitoring program.

Questions like: “How can ATM balance inquiries, mobile account balance views from multiple devices, and phone bank calls, support and enrich your AML and CFT monitoring program?” Also, “Is it possible to use customer interaction data (geo-location and device ID) to provide linkages to seemingly unrelated transactions in order to detect financial crime?”

All excellent questions looking for answers during this robust panel discussion featuring speakers , Gary Shiffman, PhD, James Richards and Michael C. Raffa.

Financial Crime – The New Reality

Financial crime professionals know far too well that the regulatory, enforcement and compliance landscapes are shifting rapidly. We are now facing financial crime threats where borders no longer exist, and with more complex and coordinated global threats by professional criminals, criminal organizations and state-sponsored hackers than ever in our history. This session describes this new reality of financial crime risk, and explores how a converged approach can help confront it. Join Marcy Forman, Connie Fenchel and Jon E. Elvin as they tackle this very relevant topic.

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