BARBRI and Widener University Delaware Law School continue exclusive 15-year partnership to provide the state’s only LIVE bar review course

Widener University Delaware Law School (Delaware Law), the state’s only law school, and BARBRI, the nation’s preeminent legal education company, have renewed their contract for bar review services. BARBRI will continue to exclusively facilitate the live Delaware Bar Review Course on-campus where the bar exam is administered.

“BARBRI and Delaware law have enjoyed a longstanding, successful partnership characterized by both organizations’ commitment to preparing the most successful law students and new attorneys,” said Mike Sims, president of BARBRI. “Our innovative new learning technologies, which include the adaptive Personal Study Plan and online Essay Architect tool, give graduates a highly effective and highly personalized approach to bar preparation.”

BARBRI features online bar study tools designed to focus on each student’s individual needs. The online Personal Study Plan analyzes up to 1,000 points of data – taking into account practice test results and study exercises. Based on a student’s strengths and weaknesses, it automatically adapts daily assignments according to which areas of law a student needs to concentrate on most to maximize bar study time. The online Essay Architect tool presents a series of step-by-step exercises to teach students how to critically read bar exam questions. It’s also an organizational tool designed to enhance the speed of essay and performance test writing.

“Before we renewed our agreement with BARBRI, we conducted due diligence by reviewing other bar review companies,” said Larasz Moody, director of bar programs at Widener Law Delaware. “Dean Rod Smolla, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Stephen Friedman and I all agreed to stay with BARBRI given its history of success and ongoing course improvement efforts. We’re pleased to continue offering our students the best bar review program available.”

Delaware Law has acted for the past 15 years as the state’s only licensee of BARBRI MBE (Multistate Bar Examination) testing materials and certain online resources, which it made available to students enrolled in the Delaware Bar Review Course. Delaware Law Staff and Delaware judges and attorneys taught and operated the course, an independent bar studies program.

Since the bar review course’s inception at Delaware Law, the school’s subject matter experts have delivered the live state specific lectures. Beginning with the summer 2014 session, BARBRI began administering all aspects of the course – video and workshop lectures included.

Any students anywhere – not just Delaware Law students – who are qualified to sit for the Delaware, or any state’s bar exam, may leverage the BARBRI online, interactive course.

Students who register by October 31, 2015, for the BARBRI online or live, on-campus course at Delaware Law – the only live bar review course offered in Delaware – will receive an early enrollment discount and inexpensive options to add study aids for an additional state bar exam. To learn more and to register online, visit

More than 1.2 million licensed attorneys in the United States have passed the bar with BARBRI – more than all other bar review courses combined. The highly regarded BARBRI bar review course is the only one offered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


BARBRI, Inc., has helped more lawyers prepare for the bar than any other company and is now positioned to meet the legal education needs of both law students and attorneys throughout their academic and professional careers. Leading legal and education experts at BARBRI cultivate engaged, successful students – contributing to lower attrition rates at law schools and higher bar exam passage and job placement rates – and better-trained, more professionally effective practicing attorneys. Founded in 1967, BARBRI is headquartered in Dallas with offices throughout the United States.


Delaware Law is a metropolitan university that connects curricula to social issues through civic engagement. Delaware Law provides an all-around comprehensive legal education program with certificates available in a variety of legal fields. Delaware Law‘s campus is located in Wilmington, DE. Visit for more information.

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