Widely known for the industry’s leading bar review course, BARBRI now supports every stage of the legal life cycle – from pre-law student to practicing attorney. For the first time ever, both students and lawyers can turn to one source – BARBRI – to be more successful in school and in practice.

“Having helped almost every lawyer in the United States today prepare for the bar, BARBRI is no longer just setting the industry standard for bar review, we’re also shaping the academic careers of students considering or enrolled in law school and accelerating professional effectiveness for new and practicing attorneys,” said BARBRI CEO and Chairman of the Board Stephen Fredette.

Responding to a changing industry and drawing from its related expertise, BARBRI has added legal education programs for new audiences to its product portfolio through acquisitions and internal development efforts. Two acquisitions over the past year, Law Preview and Telestrat Education, have expanded BARBRI’s market reach with courses for students entering law school and for lawyers looking to bolster their professional skills.

All of BARBRI’s educational services are designed to help develop successful attorneys in an evolving industry and a challenging job market. Students at the beginning of the process are well-served by Law Preview, the company and course BARBRI acquired in June 2012.

Law Preview has long been known for preparing incoming students for the unique challenges of law school – a dramatically different experience from undergraduate studies – by teaching academic strategies such as test- and note-taking skills, case briefing, time management and how to survive the Socratic teaching method. Law Preview students also gain a better understanding of first-year subjects, affording them a head start on all other 1Ls.

In a recent survey, 69 percent of students who took Law Preview reported that the course improved their 1L performances. The median class rank of Law Preview students at the end of their first year was the top 16 percent of their classes. An impressive 39 percent of students who took Law Preview were in the top 10 percent of their 1L class, and 57 percent of students reporting their end-of-1L class rank enjoyed positions in the top 20 percent.

After graduating and passing the bar, lawyers who need to sharpen specific professional skillsets can now rely on BARBRI for Legal Practice products that fill in the gaps left by law school curricula. Through its Legal Practice offerings, BARBRI teaches practice-ready skills to first-and second-year associates and professional effectiveness to attorneys at all levels.

One area most attorneys agree they should know more about is finance. BARBRI’s Financial Skills for Lawyers courses were formerly known as Telestrat Education, the company BARBRI acquired in October 2012. In these classes, top financial and business experts teach and make understandable such topics as accounting essentials; corporate transactions; finance and valuation; forensic accounting; stocks, bonds and options; and financial statements. BARBRI also is developing courses on professional effectiveness, communications and other subjects that will help new and seasoned attorneys enhance and grow their businesses.


BARBRI, Inc., has helped more lawyers prepare for the bar than any other company and is now positioned to meet the legal education needs of both law students and attorneys throughout their academic and professional careers. BARBRI’s leading legal and education experts cultivate better prepared, engaged students who are more likely to succeed, which translates to lower attrition rates at law schools and higher bar passage and job placement rates. Founded in 1967, BARBRI is headquartered in Dallas with offices throughout the United States. To learn more, visit

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