New BARBRI Attorney’s Course launches, creates unmatched opportunities for lawyers seeking additional state licensure

DALLAS — Leading legal education provider BARBRI today introduced its BARBRI Attorney’s Course, a shorter, streamlined and completely online bar review designed specifically for licensed attorneys seeking to pass an additional state bar.

This new attorney-focused offering was created to save time for practicing attorneys who already have taken the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), by building on their existing knowledge, experience and skills. Rather than sitting again through hours of MBE skills instruction, substantive lectures and analysis lectures, students will take an initial diagnostic to assess what they remember. Based on that, each student is then guided to Personal Homework assignments designed to help him or her fill in any gaps. The goal is to quickly move students to the practice questions that will prepare them for the actual exam. The pace slows down for state-specific subjects, where they may encounter unfamiliar content or rules that are different from the bar exam they have already passed.

The course actually bypasses many of the basic bar exam test-taking skills critical to first-time exam takers, and moves the participant quickly to the most highly tested areas of the overall exam and within each subject. By building on a practicing lawyer’s knowledge and skills, the BARBRI Attorney’s Course — relevant for states in which the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) is administered and in California — provides a faster path to an additional license.

“As any attorney knows, preparing for the bar is practically a fulltime job,” said Mike Sims, president, BARBRI. “Experienced, practicing attorneys no longer have the luxury of that time, and so the prospect of sitting for an additional bar doesn’t seem viable. This course is designed to accommodate the time constraints attorneys face, while giving them the thorough review they need to pass the California or UBE, and ultimately expand their practice and career opportunities.”

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