Sarah Hutchinson

Managing Director, BARBRI International

Sarah Hutchinson offers a breadth of knowledge that spans the Atlantic Ocean. Literally. She is BARBRI’s resident expert in London with specialized knowledge in cross-border and international legal qualifications.

A solicitor in England & Wales, Sarah offers an unmatched expertise in U.S. bar preparation for international lawyers and law graduates seeking qualification in the U.S. and the U.K.  Sarah is an expert in global legal education and is frequently invited to speak at international legal conferences on education and training of international lawyers.  In addition, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge, courtesy of a background as a commercial lawyer in London, and in civil and common law jurisdictions.

Sarah is considered an expert resource on the U.K. and U.S. legal landscape and is frequently cited by the media in matters concerning the British and U.S. legal education arenas. She is the former vice-president (business development) of the University of Law in England & Wales and has also provided legal education consultancy to bar associations, universities, law firms and government departments in many jurisdictions.

Her experiences have given her a strategic view of the financial and business aspects of her field as well as the educational ones, a view that allows her to understand the trends and challenges faced both by schools and lawyers. Sarah is viewed by colleagues as a motivating yet practical leader, with an unerring ability to find the best solutions for her clients. She is the chair-elect of the International Bar Association’s Section of Public and Professional.

Sarah is an avid traveler and hiker and has walked from coast to coast along the long-distance trails in the U.K.  One of her “souvenirs” from a trip to Spain is Miró, a stray she acquired from a rescue centre in Spain. He’s named after Joan Miró, the Spanish abstract artist.

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