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The world leader in legal education, distance learning, training, and certification.


Who we are

At our core, we are a learning company. And true to that core, we were our students first. Because we knew that, before we could teach others, we had to fully understand not just the tests but those taking the tests.

For over half a century, we’ve been building and interpreting the largest database of its kind to develop learning strategies and tools scientifically designed and proven to work.

We are BARBRI. We’re the leader. And we’re built to remain so.

Passion meets vision: The BARBRI Story

Two lawyers, Bill Rutter, from San Francisco’s Bay Area Review (BAR), and Richard Conviser, from Bar Review Institute (BRI), shared a vision: formalize, and thereby revolutionize, the science of bar exam review courses.

When they sold BAR and BRI to Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in 1973, BARBRI was born, leveraging the assets of the new parent company to grow BARBRI into its current position as market leader.

Subsequent sales, including the most recent to Francisco Partners, have each played a significant part in helping BARBRI maintain its market leadership through innovation, strategic acquisitions, and a vastly diversified product offering.

While BARBRI’s story draws on strong, deep roots, the real value lies in the ever-changing fruit BARBRI has bore for over 50 years and is positioned to yield for decades to come.

A bright future

You can learn a lot from a stool: Three strong legs provide the foundation for lasting support.

BARBRI’s support comes from three legs, too. Stronger than wood or iron, our foundational support comes from our Technology and Pedagogy, our Culture and People, and our Solutions.

Technology & pedagogy

The right tools used the right ways.

Our job is to simplify the complex. And we take advantage of every available avenue to do just that. Data and learning science is integral to our DNA.

Culture & people

Hire the best, let them do their best.

Corporate culture isn’t found in a mission statement. It’s found when like-minded people find themselves on the same mission.

Our solutions

We started with bar exam prep.

But that was just the start. We practice the art of learning because we’re inspired by seeing students succeed. Their success inspires our growth.


A global approach

The world becomes more interconnected every day. That’s why BARBRI has been intentional about expanding its businesses and offerings to cover the globe.

Our culture isn’t merely words on a page. It’s a series of values that helps us align ourselves every day with a mission to equip people with the skills they need to reach further and accomplish more. Sound interesting? You can find out more, and learn about our open positions.

— Stephen Fredette, President

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