Technology & pedagogy

Our job is to simplify the complex. We uniquely know how to do just that.

The right tools used the right ways

Make no mistake about it, the law can be dense and confusing. We make it simple and clear.

To do that, we start with long experience and the tons of data it yields. We also rely on subject matter experts who know their domains and know how to understand and use big data. We mine and interpret data, and study behavioral economics, learning science, and more to decode the genome of both the test and the test taker.

It’s our unique ability to marry the disparate data DNA from test and test-takers that allows us to develop personalized learning paths for our clients. Paths that take into account not just what they need to learn, but how each of them are best able to learn it.

All of this happens because of ISAAC, the Intuitive Study Assistant And Coach, a digital assistant that uses hundreds of thousands of data points to ensure our student's exam prep is custom-tailored to their learning style with an engaging user-interface.

Nobody else can do what we do. Nobody has our skill at understanding the data, because nobody has the depth of historical information that is at our disposal. And, until someone invents a time machine, nobody ever will.

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