Global legal licensure

The U.S. Leader is now global

How do decades of understanding the law, and knowing how to successfully prepare for a legal examination, translate to foreign soil? Quite well. In fact, BARBRI went from an unknown to the market leader for QLTS in the U.K., outpacing our competitors’ pass rate numbers by over 60% — even though they had been in the market for years.

Taking our ‘open lid, pour in law’ approach to the U.K. is just the first step, as BARBRI has launched a prep course for the new Solicitor's Qualifying Exam (SQE). Exam takers across the UK and around the world will enjoy the only SQE prep that combines decades of U.S. bar exam experience with the knowledge gained from our proven QLTS prep course.

Soon the rest of the world will benefit too, as we are already in the planning stages of bringing our cutting-edge capabilities to other countries in the near future.

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