Janine Matta

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Janine Matta is that valuable HR partner who brings a uniquely sharp business acumen to complement her human resources expertise.

With a fast-paced, participative and team-oriented management approach, Janine is highly skilled at understanding a company’s vision and direction, then developing the team to make it happen. Her 25-year career spans operations and finance as well as HR management, and she is known for playing a critical role in helping deliver outstanding results for the organizations of which she is a part.  Janine’s HR experience runs the gamut of organizational scenarios – guiding a Chapter 11 reorganization, shepherding a private equity acquisition, and building teams for domestic and international public and private companies.

Janine is known for her ability to quickly dissect and evaluate the needs of an organization, then recruit and build a team capable of producing exceptional financial, operational and customer-focused performance.  Among her core skills are turnaround management, organizational design and development, Six Sigma/Lean/5S, regulatory/legal compliance, compensation and recruitment.

Janine is also adept at executive coaching and leadership development, offering talents that allow her to positively influence the dynamic of her senior team colleagues, bringing out the best in them individually and as a whole. The result is a stronger, more cohesive leadership team which translates into a stronger company.

Janine holds a bachelor’s degree in human resources & economics from Temple University. She has two kids – Nicholas, a high school football-playing honors student, and Natalie, a fifth-grade daughter who knows exactly what she wants and goes after it. Janine lives within two miles of her mother and her brother, who retired from the U.S. Navy after 21 years. The proximity gives her kids the chance to grow up with cousins, because to Janine, family is everything.

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