Peter Frey

Chief Strategy and Technology Officer

Peter Frey is a recognized expert in the knowledge industries, known for combining his broad expertise in data and assessment science with his absolute passion for furthering education.

One of Peter’s career high points was his role in architecting and leading the development of a unique mobile solution that helped struggling K-12 students improve their reading. The novel, breakthrough solution blended adaptive learning technologies with a sophisticated distributed learning ecosystem, which led to markedly better outcomes for the students. The product has won several awards, as students are achieving on average three-year gains in reading ability in their first year of use.

He now applies his formidable skills to the BARBRI family of companies, leveraging assessment science and behavioral economics to generate better educational outcome opportunities for students. Peter’s contributions and tech expertise have impacted BARBRI firsts such as the Personal Study Plan and other tools that contribute to BARBRI’s role in helping students succeed.

Prior to joining BARBRI, Peter was with Pearson education, where he led the development and launch of the digital version of the company’s flagship educational assessment products.

Peter is exceptionally proficient at languages.  He grew up bilingual in Costa Rica and Guatemala speaking Spanish and English. He attended the Royal College of Music in London, and then studied in Berlin, Bulgaria and Jerusalem, learning German, Bulgarian, Hebrew and Arabic. He also “dabbles” in other languages, primarily Italian and ancient Greek. When not reading white papers on behavioral economics or learning science, Peter can be found indulging his passion for music – either writing or listening to it.

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