Professional education

Learning beyond the bar exam

We may have made our name as the leader in bar exam review courses, but learning and teaching are the heart and soul of BARBRI.

So, it’s no surprise that our certification and training programs for legal professionals are the gold standard for preparing them to manage the complex problems faced by fast-growing industries in the global economy.


CLS, our Continuing Legal Studies division, provides aspiring and practicing non-lawyer professionals the most affordable and effective legal education possible. We partner with over 160 institutions across the U.S.


For the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), BARBRI developed market-leading training and the first certification exam, both of which are proving to be crucial to success for professionals working in e-discovery for both the public and private sectors.

Legal Practice

When you’ve spent over a half century training generation after generation of lawyers, you learn methodologies for helping turn them into even better lawyers. And our Legal Practice offering does just that. Program curricula are based on the most compelling and relevant topics of the day, and are designed to get the absolute best out of the ‘best and brightest’.

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