U.S. J.D. licensure

Much more than a bar review course

BARBRI combines the scale, thousands upon thousands of data points, expertise and experience to ensure our students excel in law school and pass the bar on their first attempt.

And it isn’t just the students that rely on BARBRI. We partner with law schools to help them reap the benefits of better-prepared, more-engaged students, increased pass rates, and data-driven insights.

  • ISAAC, the Intuitive Study Assistant And Coach: Imagine a digital assistant that combines decades of experience with hundreds of thousands of data points to make sure your exam prep is custom-tailored to your learning style. Tens of thousands of test-takers rely on ISAAC, and not even one can imagine life without it.
  • Data Analytics for Schools: Helping teachers learn. Having built the industry’s largest bar exam database, BARBRI can provide educators with incredibly useful information they can use to identify opportunities and weaknesses and target at-risk students  – resulting in increased learner satisfaction and school reputation along with better overall outcomes.
  • Law Preview Course: Get off on solid footing with a course that prepares you for the rigors of law school.
  • Online J.D. Courses: BARBRI is the world’s leading provider of legal education distance learning. With an unmatched history of understanding how the law is taught and a stable of the nation’s leading law professors, we’re uniquely able to bring legal education to students anywhere, any time.
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